Ways to End a Bad Marriage and Take Your Child with You

Heman Thuranira

With divorce rates peaking at 50 percent in the last 40 years, it is alarming that more people are less inclined to get hitched. Before the 1970s, getting a divorce could only be considered in cases such as adultery. Today, you can file for a divorce by merely stating that your marriage is broken and beyond repair. What you need to know is that legal principles exist on how to get out of a bad marriage with a child. Emerging trends such as cohabitation and remarriage play an essential role in fanning divorce rates countrywide and beyond.

Crucial Tips on How to Liberate from a Bad Marriage

Staying in a bad marriage is no way to healthy living especially when you have a child. As much as the marriage showed glimpses of a happy future, this might not be the case when your security and that of your child are in grave danger.

1. How to unshackle from a bad marriage with a child

It's your duty to walk away from a toxic marriage when it threatens your stability and the wellbeing of your child. When compounded with such an unhealthy situation, here are a few tips to contemplate:

  • Take your children's advice

More often than not, children offer a stark reality in which you must reflect on the current predicament and what needs to be done. If your child insists they are not happy and leaving is the only solution available, then it's time to consider pursuing this option. After all, there's no point in staying in a dead marriage that will only yield more pain. Remember, if your children complain, then it isn't just about you anymore, your child's safety should take center stage.

  • Build a safety net

When you've finally decided to quit your marriage, you need a solid plan on your way forward. Are there any items that you need to bring along? Where are you going to live? Are you in a position to financially support your child on your own? These basic questions must be addressed before walking out your marriage. The last thing you need is getting stranded with no way forward.

  • Set a goal to be independent

If you don't have a career before getting hitched, then this is the right time to polish on your professional skills and start earning a living by yourself. If entrepreneurship is your forte, then assemble all resources and craft a business from your skills. Preferably, you need to enroll in a training program and get acquainted with the latest in-demand skills in the job market.

  • Let someone know

Walking from your marriage is a big deal and can't be compared to taking a stroll in the park. Divorce is undoubtedly a life-changing decision. Confide in your closest relatives and friends who can be indispensable when you are starting a liberated life. You need all the help you can get how to get out of a bad marriage with a child. However, be prepared to inform the authorities in case someone threatens you.

2. Stay in an unhappy marriage

Deciding to stay in an unhappy marriage is a harsh decision. After all, you might be staying due to the fear of financial insecurity, experiencing the stigma of divorce and not wanting to be a single parent. If you find yourself in this precarious position, here are a few things you need to do.

  • Make an effort to enjoy your kids' events

Since building a romantic bond with your spouse is quite tricky at this time, it's highly advisable to spend ample time with your kids and enjoy their events. It could be school events or just quality time during the weekends and holidays. Whatever it is, treasure the moment and let them know how special they are to you.

  • Have some meals together

Being in an unhappy marriage but can't leave shouldn't deter you from reconnecting with your kids. Instead of wallowing in despair, have meals with your spouse and kids. Regardless of the reasons that disrupted your happy union, enjoying some feasts together can help rekindle memories and slowly develop affection for you.

  • Talk about safe, neutral topics

When spending time with your kid and partner, it's prudent to stick to neutral topics that won't elicit harsh reactions from your partner. Remember, the goal of this exercise is to develop a mutual understanding. After sticking to this plan, you will be in a unique position to discuss the fate of your marriage but only if your partner and child are willing to do the same.

How to Take Your Child with You in a Divorce

When divorce looms in your unhappy marriage, then it's high time to consider informing your kids on the current situation and the expected outcome. The guidelines below are designed to enlighten you on how to get out of a bad marriage with a child.

  • Provide a stable environment for your children

It's natural to experience volatile emotions in the company of your spouse. Regardless of what you feel, exercise respect as a testament to your maturity. Exhibiting this behavior makes it easier to relate with your kid and inform them that divorce is nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Support your kids' feelings

Going through a divorce is surely a difficult time especially to your child. This means you need to understand their feelings regarding the issue and how to cope effectively. The divorce shouldn't affect your child's ability to connect with adults and develop healthy relationships with his peers.

  • Communicate with your children about the divorce

Your children must be informed regarding your divorce and the necessary steps needed to begin a new independent life. Your children need to know that your relationship with your partner will be different moving forward. Regardless, your child needs assurance of unconditional love and support from you. Being honest from the onset will make it easier to complete the divorce.

  • Ensure that your children have two supporting homes

Making sure that your children are adequately taken care of at your spouse's home is vital. Authenticate that basic supplies and necessities are sufficiently provided to facilitate healthy development and growth. Inadequacies need to be addressed beforehand and tended to before healthy routines are disrupted.

  • Exercise with your children

Engaging in physical exercise is an effective way for your kids to let off anxiety and stress arising from your divorce. This should be used as an opportunity to spend quality time with them by taking strolls and playing various sports. Prioritize on their hobbies and capitalize on such activities to connect with them.

Take Away Word

Going through a bad marriage doesn't necessarily spell the end to your existence. Far from it, it gives you an opportunity to begin a healthy relationship with an equally supportive partner that prioritizes on your child's wellbeing. More importantly, you can seek legal redress and gain custody when the marriage is hazardous to your child's safety.