Shaving Your Thinning Hair and Become a Magnet to Women


For many decades, baldness in a man has been viewed as the epitome of weakness and impotence. It's no wonder that most men turn to caps or hats to hide their thinning hair. Baldness significantly affects dating life as you might wonder if women like bald men. However, there is no need for hiding because up to 76% of women view bald men as appealing and won't mind dating them. If you are still unsure, below are simple motives.

Four Reasons Why Bald Men Are Attractive

Scientific research has claimed that women increasingly find that bald men can be as attractive as their counterparts. Below are reasons why bald men are more eye-catching.

  • More confident

When a man tries to save face by using a hat, the worry he has is usually announced through his body language. Without saying a word, regardless of how he approaches a woman, he will exude a feeling of uncertainty, which will be a turn-off. When you accept and shave off your thinning hair, this element is eliminated. With it comes a new aura of being a self-assured man that women find tremendously attractive.

  • Expose a man's face

One primary reason why a bald man is more charming is that it exposes the distinct facial features. Typically, the first appearance that is noticed is the color of the hair, however, when this is excluded, it forces women's eyes to travel downwards to various facial features particularly your eyes. This makes your eyes or pointed nose stand out hence making you more attractive.

  • More masculine

If you still wonder is bald sexy, consider the masculine quality of it. Often, bald men appear physically fit hence this attractiveness is accentuated. What's more, bald men are habitually seen as more competent, reliable and less deceptive.

  • More dominant in life

As expected, women find bald men more attractive because they appear to be more dominant. Sticking to traditional roles, women will favor a man who takes charge of a situation while valuing their input rather than a man who is submissive and wholly relies on women. Going bald highlights your sexuality and reaffirms your role as a confident and autonomous man. This shows a man who is comfortable with his self-image, stronger, taller and safer.

Five Proven Dating Tips for Bald Men

If you still search the answer to the question do women like bald men, then it might be that you need some useful advice on how to attract women as a bald guy. Below are some practical tips.

  • Joke about your baldness

As most men are a bit insecure of their baldness, aim to stand out from the rest by developing a sense of humor in regard to your head. Crack a joke or two about your baldness to let women know that you are comfortable with it. You can let your confidence shine through and have a good laugh. This not only makes you look more appealing but it ignites an endearing atmosphere with everyone around you.

  • Dress like Fashion Week

When you go bald, your first aim should be improving your attire. It will be noticed more as you will have no luscious hair as a distraction during the first impression. This means regardless of how wide you smile or how exaggerated your bounce is, you can no longer get by wearing your sleep T-shirt around. Up your game by improving your wardrobe and dressing up as if you are expecting to be the center of attention. By doing this, everywhere you go, you will end up being the center of attention, especially to the ladies.

  • Widen your network

Get interested in people and widen your social circle. Get out of your comfort zone and accept invitations that will give you the opportunity to meet more people. Avoid cases where you only stick to people you know. By exposing yourself to more social gatherings, you will figure out what makes bald men attractive to women, is being connected to people and being interesting.

  • Focus on your career

Nothing is as sexy as a bald man taking over the boardroom. Take charge of your career and aim to raise a few steps on the corporate ladder. Go to school, increase your skill set, do something that earns you more money. Ideally, you will realize that women prefer financial stability to hair.

  • Take actions to pursue the one you loved

Now that you have gained confidence and stopped moping around because of your thinning hair, then it's time for action. Don't wait for that woman you have fancied for ages to notice the new you. Take charge and approach her instead and wow her beyond her imagination. Remember, aim to be a good listener, do romantic stuff like buying flowers and chocolates, writing love notes and going out on dates. Regardless of how cheesy they seem, doing such sets you apart from the rest of the men who disregard them because they look silly.

Wrap It Up

In fact, if you have been worried about overtime about losing face with women because of creeping baldness, you don't have to. Aim to embrace your baldness as a thing you love and are proud of. Dress better, smile more, get yourself out there and you will find yourself attracted to more women. Remember that if you don't make your baldness a hindrance to your dating life, it won't be. So get rid of that cap under which you hide and stop wondering do women like bald men because the answer is a resounding yes.