Is It True That All Men Cheat?

Heman Thuranira

In this era of social media, it is easy to note that most women suppose that almost all men cheat. Women groups on Facebook are full of advice on how to handle such cheating scenarios. If you have been following such groups, it is easy to note that such topics are prevalent in an array of assemblies. If a woman has experienced a cheating husband, it would be hard to trust another man. Women who have been cheated on an attempt to give information that proves all men are the same.

Types and Signs of Cheating Men

To figure out whether all men cheat, you need to understand the signs and types of cheating men first. Below is a detailed explanation you can follow.

1. Four types of cheating men

Are you in a dilemma whether all men cheat? You might be interested in knowing the types of cheating men. Here are their styles.

• Mr. Charming

Mr. charming is the man who is always hard to resist. He is likable, fun, smart, and exciting and loves being surrounded by great people. He also believes that he deserves whatever he wants. He is an individual who seems to be excellent in marriage but still wants to explore his sexual prowess. This variety of person lacks empathy whenever you feel low; he always focuses on his gratification and lavishly spends money to impress women.

• Mr. Deprived

Years of sexual frustration makes this class of men go astray. Even though they may be on good terms with their partners, they always have a sexual self-esteem crisis. They also believe that sex is the key to a happy relationship. This sort of men experiences sexual fantasies they don't share with their partners who are not open to such information. Mr. Deprived is always extra flirty and induces unexpected sexual jokes and topics.

• Mr. Lonely

Mr. Lonely appears like a sweet lost puppy, but he is different from that. He does not have an emotional connection and seeks attention and validation from you. The reason for finding a new girlfriend is because he might see the wife or current girlfriend to be very demanding at some point. He always puts others first but requires appreciation. You will notice him by the way he avoids expressing his needs to you.

• Mr. Ready

Mr. Ready is at the final stage of living his marriage and is willing to move on. However, that may not be with you. This is a man who has lost hope in his relationship and does not believe that his feelings will ever come back. He has also weighed the financial and parental losses to be incurred but is willing to do it anyway. He is not confused. He wants to move on. You will recognize him by the way he talks about his next step or plan in life. He also discusses the same with his parents and friends.

2. Major signs portrayed by a cheating man

Below are some of the signs that may indicate your man is cheating.

• Behavioral signs of infidelity

Some of the sure signs your partner is cheating is a massive shift in behavior. Often, it starts small with increased concern about their appearance especially at times when they are away from you. Conversely, behavioral changes usually affect the way the two of you interact. A sudden need for privacy while becoming cold and is a major red flag you shouldn't ignore. In addition, a cheating partner will become less available giving you the clichéd excuse of being busy.

• The physical signs of infidelity

It is essential to find out and notice whether he is still interested in the physical aspects of your entire relationship. For instance, if he was not interested in sex for the past few weeks, or months, he might be getting sex elsewhere. The sex he does outside could be so fulfilling that he does not find it fun to cuddle or make love to you. Some people also feel guilty to sleep with you when they have slept with another person.

• Act-on your suspicions in the right way

If your husband seems to hide something from you, it may be time to dig deep and understand what is happening in your relationship. If you doubt your man is cheating, you can act on your suspicion by checking for hints like the change in his dress code, having gifts that are not his usual things like bangles, extra spending on hotel rooms (room receipts), restaurant bills that are not his usual places and many others. While doing all this, remain as calm as possible until you get the precise details. You can even hire a private investigator.

Notable Reasons Why Most Men Cheat

Several dynamics drive a man into engaging in infidelity. Many ladies wonder do all men cheat but take less to learn the reasons why. Such choices are influenced by the factors below.

a) Immaturity

If the man you are dating is not committed or experienced in matters regarding relationships, he may think that he deserves to explore sexual adventures. He may think of his relationships as a jacket he can wear as he pleases. This is a sign of immaturity- someone who is not sure of what he wants for a relationship.

b) Co-occurring issues

Some men experience problems with drugs or alcohol that may affect their decision making. Drug abuse can result in some regrettable sexual decisions. Additionally, some men might have sexual addiction issues through which he engages in to avoid real-life scenarios.

c) Insecurity

Some men feel they are too young, old, weak or even not smart enough to deserve you. Such ego may lead him to seek validation from other partners outside the marriage.

d) When it is over

At times, a man gets fed up by the relationships they are in. Instead of discussing it with his partner, he might choose to move out (cheat) to avoid infuriating his partner. Mostly, such men will be setting up a stage of their next relationship while in the current one.

e) Lack of male social support

Some men undervalue the need to have a supportive friendship with his fellow men. That is with a high expectation their female counterpart will meet his social needs. If that partner fails in such duties, the man tends to seek attention somewhere else through making love to another woman he thinks will satisfy his social and sexual needs.

f) Confusion about limerence VS commitment

Some men fail to understand the difference between long-term love and romantic intensity. Hence they make mistakes and take cover on the neurochemical rush of limerence for love. They also fail to understand that commitment requires some meaningful connection between partners.

g) Childhood abuse

Some might turn to cheat or flirting because of their unresolved childhood trauma. Sexual harassment, neglect, emotional abuse or even physical abuses are factors that may explain why some men cheat on their loved ones.

h) Selfishness

The primary reason why your man is cheating is possibly that he cares about himself alone. He may lie, keep secrets and do hurtful things without feeling remorseful or regret anything they are doing unto you. All he cares about is satisfying his urge for extra sex or cheating habit even though it's hurting you has his lover.

Let's Wrap It Up

Always note that a few factors or reasons will explain the question "do all men cheat”. Most men's infidelity issues develop with the evolution of the man's lifetime circumstances. Regardless, no one needs to cheat on the partner. There are many other options such as getting therapy or filling a divorce or discussing a separation, which must not involve degrading themselves or disregarding the other partner's well- being.